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Einsights can be used to aggregate data from multiple sources and display it on one graph

Einsights is a business analytics tool that makes it easy for executives to draw intelligent insights from their data and make strategic decisions without having to extract information from multiple spreadsheets or rely on analysts or the IT department.

Simple to implement, Einsights offers the following key features and benefits:

  • Intuitive, interactive interface that is easy to use and customise
  • Self-implementation and built-in guided tour
  • Ability to aggregate data from multiple sources – for example, sales, marketing, finance, inventory and website data – and represent it on one graph
  • Data analysis through ‘Google-like’ questions: the user types in a question and gets a visual or numerical answer
  • Industry-specific analytics
  • Deep analytics around sales performance, offering a coherent view of sales, leads and pipeline across channels, representatives and geographies
  • Metrics such as conversion rate, sales velocities and strength of funnel when connected to a CRM platform
  • Revenue predictions based on historical wins/losses and deals in pipeline
  • Professionally designed visual reports
  • Customisable, automatically updated dashboards
  • Easy export and sharing
  • Real-time access to business insights
  • Dynamic reporting via multiple devices

Designed for executives rather than analysts, Einsights provides a simple yet sophisticated solution to analysis, reporting and decision-making, ultimately improving productivity and unlocking profits.

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