Wouldn’t it be nice to have a system where you could easily track your products, keep stock levels up to date and manage your online store?

Stock inventory management can be a hassle, right? Let’s face it, warehousing, multiple locations, shrinkage, spoilage and transfers can play havoc with maintaining accurate stock levels.

TradeGecko is our choice for inventory management.

 What TradeGecko does…

Quoting, orders, sales and delivery dockets are all included in this system.  Purchase orders are covered and you can also add landed costs to your purchase orders which will be soaked into the cost of those goods, giving you an moving average cost.  It gives you one central location to manage clients and suppliers and build unique SKU’s (stock keeping unit) so you can accurately track products.

Who TradeGecko is for…

Ideal for industries who have a multitude of unique items, variants, require multiple currency pricing and require export related tax code management.  Clients we are currently working with include fashion & retail, wine, wholesale food distribution and interior designers.

If your business distributes and retails B2B, TradeGecko offers a private e-commerce store where you can offer a range that is unique to each distributor.  They will have the ability to order online at prices pre-negotiated with you, access their order history for tracking purposes, download invoices, and check payment and fulfilment status at any time.

How easy is it to use?

We love business tools that anyone could sign up to, watch a couple of videos and be on their way…this is one of those.  The how-to videos are even built in to each of the five modules just in case you need a reminder.  Of course, there’s always some seasoned user hints and tips to discover that we’d be happy to share in one of our training sessions.

What we like about TradeGecko…

It integrates with other cloud based business systems to streamline your business:

  • Xero for accounting
  • E-commerce is covered with Shopify, Woocommerce & Drupal
  • File storage delivered via Dropbox or Google Drive

There’s a bunch more coming too including Zoho CRM, VendHQ and eBay.

The multi-currency function is brilliant with single click updates available.  The sales analytics and reporting is quite detailed and gives you real time knowledge of what’s performing in your business.  TradeGecko works with all standard barcode scanners, from fancy bluetooth scanners to simple scanners plugged in via USB.   If you have sale reps on the road, the system is accessible and fully functional on your tablet or iPad.

Overall, the ability to pull all your sales channels into one central location is a definite plus for workflow and the B2B e-commerce application has the potential to save you hours and provide a unique service for your valued business clients.  They have a 21 day trial too!

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