ActiveCampaign is an integrated, all-in-one marketing platform that combines email marketing, marketing automation and small business CRM capabilities. Designed for small and medium-sized businesses, it provides tools for managing and nurturing contacts, keeping track of customers throughout the sales process, and acquiring new customers.

Main features

  • Send newsletters
  • Design email campaigns
  • Keep in touch with contacts and customers
  • Create automations based on contact and behavioural data
  • Create custom workflows

Email newsletters

ActiveCampaign has the following tools and capabilities for designing, creating and sending email newsletters:

  • Drag-and-drop interface
  • Free templates
  • Free image-hosting
  • Data-driven segmentation
  • Behavioural-based emails based on contacts’ actions
  • Dynamic content, for example for adding content from an eCommerce platform
  • Split-testing, for testing different subject lines and email content
  • Real-time insights

Sales and CRM

ActiveCampaign provides one central place in which businesses can store all their contact data. It allows users to:

  • Import existing contacts
  • Manage contacts
  • View a complete contact history on one screen
  • Segment contacts by data, campaign interactions, website activity and other factors
  • Score contacts and leads
  • Automate sales tasks, including order processing, information sharing, inventory monitoring and control, order tracking and sales forecast analysis
  • Customise sales processes

Marketing automation

ActiveCampaign’s campaign automation features allow users to automate and streamline their marketing activities using personal and behavioral data about their contacts. These features include:

  • Site and event tracking
  • Automation segmentation
  • Automation goals
  • SMS marketing
  • Behaviour-based automation

List segmentation

ActiveCampaign makes it easy for users to segment their contacts into individual lists based on contact data and many other factors, and therefore to differentiate between their contacts’ needs. This allows them to target their email marketing messages more accurately and improve their click-through rates.

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