How much time do you spend preparing proposals? Proposal software can streamline and automate the process for you. Using proposal software you can create professional proposal templates that you can then adapt and reuse. Some of our clients estimate that using proposal software halves the time they spend on preparing proposals – time that can be better spent closing deals or building the business.

Four proposal software products compared

As with many software solutions, there’s an overwhelming choice of products out there. Most have similar features, including the ability to quickly generate documents, store content, import data from CRM systems and integrate with accounting and e-signature products. The choice comes down to factors like the size of your business and volume of work, whether you have any specific requirements and how easy the software is to use.

So that you don’t have to, we’ve done a quick comparison of four different proposal software products: QuoteRoller, Proposify, NiftyQuoter and Proposable. Take a look at our Proposal Software Comparison PDF.

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