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Zoho CRM Mobile App for Check-In

Check in to events from your mobile and associate your check-in to the event in the CRM! If your work has you constantly on the move, Zoho has a handy feature for you: Using the Zoho CRM mobile app, you can check in to an event scheduled in the CRM. The app will prompt you to associate the check-in with the event, creating a note against the related lead, contact or account. You can also create check-in reports.

If the event has not been scheduled in the record, the app prompts you to create a new event and associate the check-in to the event.

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Zoho CRM Contextual Gadget for Gmail

Manage your leads and contacts while reading emails! Zoho CRM Contextual Gadget for Gmail enables you to interact with your Zoho CRM account from within Gmail. With this gadget you can add the details of the sender as a Contact or Lead in your CRM account and also view their details like name, phone number, company name, etc., by bringing your CRM system right inside your Gmail. You can also add related notes, tasks, and potentials for the Lead or Contact.

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Card scanner app

Scan and extract information from business cards and save it to your CRM! With the Card Scanner app, you can scan and extract contact information from business cards. The scanned information can then be saved in Zoho CRM as Leads or Contacts. The app exacts all the details in the business card, including First Name, Last Name, Company, Job Title, Email Address (multiple, if present), Contact Numbers, Website, Location Address, and Twitter ID.

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LinkMatch: LinkedIn Integration for Zoho CRM

Save up to two hours per day on Linkedin manual search! LinkMatch is a Google Chrome Extension that connects Zoho CRM and LinkedIn by helping users see which LinkedIn profiles are already in their database and allows editing/viewing of profiles while staying on a LinkedIn page.

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