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The taxi industry may not have seen Uber coming, but you can future-proof your business

If you’ve caught a taxi after a night out recently, there’s a good chance it was an Uber. The ride-share company took advantage of the power and reach of the smartphone to change the way we get around, becoming massively successful and turning the traditional taxi industry upside-down in the process. This is a great example of the power of digital technology to change – or disrupt – established ways of doing business, a phenomenon often called ‘digital disruption’. Could this happen in your industry?

Uber may be an extreme example, but there’s a lesson we can all take from it: Ignore digital technology at your peril. In order to stay ahead of, or even keep up with, your competitors, you need to incorporate digital technology into your business.

The good news is that becoming digitally aware can dramatically improve your efficiency and therefore your bottom line. We recently had the chance to explore the idea of digital transformation at a breakfast hosted by business coach and mentor Simon Waller. In his thought-provoking and inspiring presentation, Simon cited research showing that digital leaders are 26 per cent more profitable than the industry average, while digital beginners are 24 per cent less profitable.

Digital champions

To ensure a successful digital transformation, Simon emphasised, businesses need to appoint a digital champion to spearhead the process. That champion needs to be curious, tech savvy, a good listener, and always keen to find a better way to do things.

Not unlike Squirrel, we realised. Many of the small businesses we work with don’t have the time, skill sets or resources to appoint an internal digital champion. By collaborating with Squirrel, they have access to all the curiosity and digital smarts they need to find the best possible way to run their business.

Squirrel is your digital champion

The taxi industry might not have seen Uber coming, but having begun your digital awareness journey, you have the opportunity to future-proof your business. However, as a small business you may not have the internal resources or appropriate skills. After all, small business owners can’t be good at everything.

Squirrel has all the characteristics of a digital champion, and specialises in helping small businesses find better ways to do things using digital technology. Contact us for a free consultation.

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