Martin Metz

Chief Operating Officer - BioAg

“As a sales-oriented organisation, we realised that we needed to upgrade our CRM in order to better support our sales team. One of our key requirements was a CRM that people could and would use, and they are using it. Going forward, we can now measure and set targets for improvement. Squirrel came in with an established process map for implementing the CRM, with all the steps already in place, which made it so much easier for us.”

Alan Barker

Managing Director - Buyers Home Base

“We couldn’t have implemented Zoho in the way we have without Squirrel – and we wouldn’t have made the brilliant move to Zoho One if Emily hadn’t suggested it. It was a well-managed project – she made sure we started with a clear spec, so there was no ambiguity, and was very patient. Squirrel really are an invaluable support partner for us as we continue to grow our business. It’s great that there are different options available to do that, for example by purchasing support blocks. We always feel that Squirrel have our best interests at heart.”

Jan Bingley

General Manager - Business Development, Global CCS Institute

“Squirrel’s process is very structured and organised. Emily is clearly an expert in the system. She really understood our business needs quickly and easily, so was able to propose amendments that suited the way we work.”

Dez Daswani

Healthy Homes Project Coordinator

“Emily is very knowledgeable. She was able to translate our requirements into CRM modules and create a streamlined workflow based on the information we provided. Training was also clear and straightforward.”

Stanley Tan

Digital Marketing Specialist - Selby’s

“Before the HubSpot and PrintIQ integration, Hubspot wasn’t talking to Print IQ, where we store all our contacts, clients and deals. We had to enter them into PrintIQ and then again into HubSpot, which wasn’t efficient at all ... . Thanks to the integration, we’ve saved close to 80 hours on data entry work alone and we are less than three months into the year!” 

Luke Carlon

Director - Sealing Solutions

“Kylie initially assisted Sealing Solutions with the implementation of our CRM. She has also provided invaluable support with the production of our new website and other business development strategies. Sealing Solutions looks forward to an ongoing partnership with Kylie. She is one of those people who act, not just talk about it.”

Eddie Ragauskas

CEO - Ceventas

“Thanks to Squirrel, we can now access 20,000 customer records and leverage them for long-term business growth. Squirrel were fantastic to work with – they have an excellent knowledge of Zoho CRM and integration, and were always responsive, accessible and willing to fix problems. Great value for money.”

Elizabeth White

CEO - VICParks

“Following the integration, we now have to enter changes to members’ details into the system only once. This means that our mailing list is automatically updated and we can be sure that all our members are receiving the information they need, which is an essential part of the service we provide.”