Matthew Church

Operations Manager - Winning International

“We are delighted and grateful for the work that has been completed in integrating Xero and Zoho CRM. The thoroughness, attention to detail, and communication have made my role in this easy and effortless. Trina, in particular, has been a phenomenal guide and project manager through this process. I am beyond impressed by Trina and Squirrel’s customer care in a space notorious for poor communication and lack of attention to detail. You have built a phenomenal team and operation, and I am beyond aware of how much work, dedication, time and energy that takes.

Thank you for your support of us – know that you have, in Winning, a ‘raving fan’ for a long time to come.”

Joanne Baker

Managing Director - Righteous Pups Australia

“Squirrel is exceptional at listening to your story, getting under the skin of your organisation, understanding its heartbeat and then designing a system that fits like a glove. They analysed our business and brought in a suite of tools and strategies that were transformative for us. The CRM has enabled us to run great campaigns just like the big charities and reduced anxiety by becoming the extra person we couldn’t afford to hire.

Kerryn was extremely professional, approachable, contactable and responsive and went over things until we understood them or sent me a quick video. We were always treated with empathy and respect and never felt judged, even though we had little idea about technology. They’re nice people and just get it.”

David Stansell

Customer Service Manager - CaseWare

“I just want to say a big thanks to Rod and the rest of the team at Squirrel. The effort Rod put into understanding our requirements and working through the design of the reports step by step was brilliant. I have a better understanding of the structure of the data now and a working understanding of how we can pull  our reports together into dashboards. I suspect we’ll be using these services again as new requirements emerge! Thanks again and keep being awesome!”

Sam Boyes

Senior Manager, ICT - Tassal

“Squirrel knew the product and how to solve the problems we were facing and achieve the outcomes we needed. There was never a problem that was too big. Now we’re starting to see how the team is doing in terms of sales calls, communications and visits – so the system is providing insights that we haven’t previously had. The team is also excited about improving their process and how they could use the CRM in the future.”

Maurice Beach

Director - Stripdoors

“Squirrel’s ability to respond to my unique reporting requirements has been exceptional and Zoho is a fantastic tool for gathering the information. Michael has used the data in the CRM and presented everything I need to know in a customised report delivered to my inbox every morning. This tells me things like what type of business is coming in and average invoice value. It’s clever reporting that identifies trends so that I can forecast and structure my year – and be prepared for busy periods or plan a holiday.”

Andrea Boyle

Business Administrator - Sales Shift Global

“We can now see our sales pipeline, contacts and opportunities in a very visual way, which is fantastic. We have all the information we need in one place. We’ve also started using other Zoho applications, such as Zoho Projects and Zoho Campaigns. Everything just links together. Our systems were quite ad hoc before, but with the CRM in place we can get our message out in an efficient and professional way.”

Melissa Cannon

Business Banking Executive - NAB

“Just to give you some feedback, the staff found your presentation really beneficial and they have all started to think a bit differently about things since then.”

Bernadette Innes

Director - The Proven Group

“You really work hard to maintain such high customer service standards along with your prompt service. This is exactly what small businesses need. Highly recommend Kylie and her business.”