Insightly logoInsightly provides customer relationship management (CRM) software for small to medium-sized businesses across a range of industries such as manufacturing, consulting, health & wellness, media and others.

Key features

  • Contact, task and event management
  • Integrated project management
  • Web to contact (capture data from the web and save in Insightly)
  • Meeting/call notes
  • Reports
  • Integration with Gmail/Google Apps, Outlook 2013/Office 365, MailChimp, PandaDoc
  • Mobile apps
  • Social media integration
  • Notification (following, email reminders)
  • Customisation (fields, filters, tags)
  • Application Programming Interface (API)
  • Free account for three users (not a trial)

Insightly can be successfully integrated with third-party applications to create a flow of information between systems and enable automation. These include:



Squirrel can integrate Insightly and Xero, allowing you to:

  • Add or edit contacts in Insightly or Xero and automatically update the information in the other system
  • Create or update an invoice in Xero and have it automatically created or updated in Insightly
  • Automate your billing by setting up triggers in Insightly that will create invoices in Xero at pre-determined times
  • Provide your Sales and Accounts teams with access to exactly the same records, including invoice history and accounts payable, and therefore full visibility on every customer

Squirrel can integrate Insightly with MailChimp, making it possible for you to run more effective marketing campaigns, automatically add new contacts to your CRM, keep customer information up to date and improve customer communication.


Squirrel can integrate Insightly with PandaDoc and other document management systems, ensuring that you can:

  • Create, send, and track quotes, proposals, and contracts from within Insightly
  • Create PandaDoc documents within Insightly, with all of your custom fields and contact information, product information and pricing details flowing into your documents seamlessly

We’ll also set up your templates for you so that you’re good to go.

Insightly-Google Calendar

Squirrel can integrate Insightly with your Google Calendar so that data, for example booking information, is automatically fed from one system to the other in order to streamline scheduling and other processes.


Squirrel can integrate Insightly with your website so that data captured when a lead fills in a web form is automatically fed into the CRM. This paperless, efficient solution automatically brings valuable customer information into your CRM, eliminating the need for manual entry or copying and pasting.


Squirrel can integrate Insightly with your email system, making it possible for a lead’s details to be automatically captured from an email and fed into the CRM system, again eliminating the need for manual entry or copying and pasting.

Integration and your business

Squirrel can help you decide where integration would work best for your business and carry out the integration for you.

If you’re not yet using a CRM system, we can get you up and running and enjoying the benefits of having all your client information in one place, and then explore whether integration would be beneficial to your business.

Although many of these systems usually work together very well, getting them to do exactly what your business needs them to do sometimes involves a little customisation. Our team of developers can do this too.

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