ServiceM8 logoIf you’re struggling to keep track of your jobs, your employees or your invoicing, you’re probably losing money. ServiceM8 is an app designed for creating and tracking jobs on the road – anywhere, anytime, on your laptop, tablet or phone. You don’t need to be ‘tech savvy’ to learn and use the app, and once you’re up and running will be spending far less time on admin and more time doing what you do best.

Key features

ServiceM8 provides the perfect platform from which to run every aspect your business more effectively and profitably. Using ServiceM8, you can:

  • Quote a job onsite, allocate materials and labour costs and track job profitability
  • Schedule a job on the road and track job progress through the mobile app
  • Receive automatic reminders about upcoming bookings; ServiceM8 will even notify you 5 minutes before you need to leave, automatically taking travel time into account
  • Automatically email or SMS customers about upcoming bookings
  • Locate staff in real time, instantly dispatch urgent jobs and communicate with staff and clients without the need for disruptive phone calls
  • Complete safety forms electronically
  • Provide staff with an electronic job checklist
  • Create invoices, receive client sign-off and take payment on your phone while onsite, sending a copy directly to your accounting package
  • Store photographic evidence of every job
  • Save job contacts, photos, notes, quotes, invoices, emails and texts together in the job diary
  • Enhance your reputation among your customers, with professional quotes, invoices and emails


ServiceM8 integrates with a range of software products, giving you additional functionality, seamlessly. These include:


Together, ServiceM8 and Xero provide an end-to-end solution, streamlining work from the client’s first call to reconciliation. By integrating the two systems, you can:

  • Avoid double entry of customer and item information, as changes made in one system will automatically update the other
  • Receive prompts to create invoices on completion of jobs
  • Raise invoices in Xero from your iPhone, iPad or Online in two taps, ready to be reconciled
  • Automatically sync payments received on the job to Xero, and those received in Xero back to ServiceM8
  • Automatically sync staff leave in Xero to your ServiceM8 schedule to show staff unavailability
  • Import tax rates and income account codes automatically from Xero
  • Send your staff members’ shift times in ServiceM8 to Xero as employee timesheets
ServiceM8-Zoho CRM

Integrating ServiceM8 with a CRM system such as Zoho facilitates a flow of information between the two systems. This means that when a new customer record is created in ServiceM8, a new contact is automatically created in the CRM, and both systems are up to date.

The integration also makes it easy to keep in touch with customers regularly by email. ‘Set-and-forget’ email marketing templates can be created in Zoho CRM and sent at pre-determined intervals, ensuring that your business remains remains front-of-mind with your customers.


MailChimp is a platform for creating and sending email marketing newsletters. Integrating ServiceM8 with MailChimp will allow you to easily keep in touch with existing customers, encourage repeat business by sending targeted campaigns to your email list, or send campaigns to nurture new leads.

Want to know more?

Visit the ServiceM8 website or watch an introductory video:

ServiceM8 in action

Squirrel has carried out many successful integrations between ServiceM8 and other platforms. See how some of the real-life businesses we’ve worked with have benefited:

Case Study: Set-and-forget emails generate repeat business for plumber

Keen to try before you buy?

ServiceM8 offers a free trial here. The first 20 jobs are also free.

Ask Squirrel

Squirrel is a registered ServiceM8 partner and can help you with set-up and training.

Squirrel Business Hub specialises in finding the right system for a business, and then getting them set up, trained and up and running as quickly and as seamlessly as possible. To find out if ServiceM8 is right for you, book a free consult today.