The Brief

The business owner was keeping client information, sales and notes on an excel spreadsheet but found this clunky and inefficient. She needed to keep a much more detailed account of what was going on with each customer and being a busy mum of two, wanted automated reminders for follow-up tasks and lead nurture communication.

The Solution

  • Zoho CRM
  • Zoho Campaigns for email marketing system
  • Automatic alerts and reminders via workflow
  • Simple financial reporting

The Benefits

Business owner now:

  • has clear picture of what needs to be done
  • is far more organised
  • receives automatic reminders to follow up with customers
  • has complete visibility on costs and profitability of the demonstrations she facilitates

Her new system:

  • shows her the relationships between her customers
  • helps her understand where her enquiries come from
  • is beginning to build solid referral network

One look at the CRM and she knows what needs to be done next!

“The CRM has made life easier. Kylie was fantastic, really easy to understand…. Implementation of the system was easy” 

Georgia, Business Owner