ThermometerIf you’re not sure how to decide if your business needs a CRM (customer relationship management) system, our quick business health quiz will help you identify the tell-tale signs:

Ask yourself the following questions:

1. Are you losing customers to your competitors for no obvious reason? Yes/No
2. Are frustrated customers complaining that your staff don’t know their specific requirements? Yes/No
3. Are you unable to access real-time information from home or while travelling? Yes/No
4. Are you not sure whether valuable sales leads are being followed up? Yes/No
5. Are you using a ‘system’ (e.g. Excel) that is not customisable to what you really want? Yes/No
6. Is there miscommunication or information loss between your staff regarding customer enquiries, requests or orders? Yes/No
7. Does your sales team not always know what issues your service team is working on before calling on the customer? Yes/No
8. Are you manually completing reports because you have multiple sources of information? Yes/No
9. Are you issuing credit notes to keep customers happy due to an inability to find accurate information easily? Yes/No
10. Are you not sure what value you are getting from your marketing expenditure? Yes/No
11. Are your customer details dispersed across multiple spreadsheets? Yes/No


How did you score?

The number of times you answered ‘Yes’ will give you a good indication of your business’ health and whether or not you need a CRM. Check the table below to see which zone you’re in:

No. of  times answered ‘Yes’
Safe zone
Attention required
Danger zone
 You’re OK  Need to consider getting a CRM system CRM system needed URGENTLY


Not sure where to start? Ask Squirrel

Squirrel Business Hub specialises in finding the right system for a business, and then getting them set up, trained and up and running as quickly and as seamlessly as possible. If you think your business could benefit from CRM, but are not sure where to start, book a free consult today.