Squirrel business hub consultants help you find, choose and implement the right systems and tools to grow your business.

1. CRM System

Business growth is reliant on systems that measure the activities that create results.  If you don’t have a system that records every interaction with current and potential clients, you need one NOW!  Knowing who is in your sales pipeline, at what stage of the sales process they are at and, what action is being taken to move them through is critical to success.

Hope is not a growth strategy. CRM software will ensure you have laser clarity on what the core drivers of your sales machine are, create accountability and healthy competition within your team and, deliver clear analyse tools for potent decision making.

2. Coaching to manage

So, you’ve got the right systems implemented but are struggling to embed them in your organisation’s culture?  Your dream is to create a team of accountable, performance focused people?  Our growth toolbox will give you the structure you need to do this and our business consultants will deliver the information in a format that will liberate people’s ability.

3. Framework to lead

No matter how exceptional the systems, equipment and resources at its disposal, the organisation’s ability to perform at its peak is dictated by the people who operate those systems, equipment and resources.

Our leadership consultants are world class and have the knowledge to unleash leadership brilliance.